In this competitive environment we look at ways to motivate and manage individuals in order to retain them and increase productivity.

*WAMDA-Egypt is committed to the development of organizations in which life-long learning plays an integral part.

*WAMDA-Egypt acts as a change facilitator helping organizations identify their training needs and working in partnership with them to design interventions that will best meet their needs in a flexible and cost effective way aligned to their overall strategic direction.

Our team of both trainers and staff, works on summarizing the highlights of their experiences through our Blog Page.

Check out our team blogs on:

Supply Chain Management:

W.M. - Oct-2011: The Unstoppable Wamda-Egypt
W.M. - Dec-2011: The Unstoppable Supply Chain - WAMDA-Egypt Choice
W.M. - Jan, 2012: 2020 Supply Chain Challenges
A.T.    - Jan 2012: Forecasting & Inventory Management
W.M.  -  March, 2012: WAMDA-EGYPT: Supply Chain Choice: The rise of Toyota
W.M.  - March, 2012: History of the Supply Chain

Human Development:

Y.H   - Dec. 2011:     Concentrate on Studying
W.M. - Dec-11:  The Unstoppable People
Y.H  - Dec, 2011:   The Anatomy of a resolution
Y.H  - Jan, 2012:     Cultivate a Lifetime Reading Habit
Y.K  - March, 2012:  Career Coaching: The WAMDA-EGYPT Way
Y.H -  May, 2012:     Accepting Change