ESCA - Entrepreneurial Supply Chain Architect

ESCA is an annual trademark diploma provided by WD-C.

Diploma Overview:
* ESCA™ Certificate in Supply Chain is designed to convert attendees interested in a Supply Chain Career, to International Class Entrepreneurs. Closer to the practical understanding of 2012 Supply Chain Flow in both Global and Middle East market. 

* ESCA™ Instructors are Both Academic and Field Professionals. Certified Supply Chain Management Professionals from APICS, University of Huddersfield, Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport , Cou
ncil Of Supply Chain Management Professionals & ESC Master Level Degree. 

* ESCA™ content is designed to develop your practical understanding for Managing Supply Chain & the Different aspects of logistics , procurement, warehousing and inventory control or production planning. 

* ESCA™ equips attendees with knowledge of the core principles and processes in both Logistics and Supply Chain.

* ESCA™ diploma provides theoretical presentations , workshops and practical exercise to make you ready for the real market.

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