Warehousing Management

Warehousing Management

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Warehousing Management is important for efficient operation of warehouses. In recent years, computerization has improved the efficiency of the warehouse operations to great extent. At the same time, computerization has not replaced the need for conceptual understanding of warehouse and inventory control.


  1. Warehouse Organization
    • Position of warehouse/stores division in the Organization
    • Delegation of Authority
  2. Requisitions and Replenishment of Materials
    • Replenishment of Stock Items
    • Distribution of MRP
  3. Receipt and Inspection of Materials
    • Receipt of Materials
    • Inspection
  4. Issue of Materials
    • Procedure for Emergency Issues
    • Procedure for materials Issued on Loan Basis
  5. Stocktaking
    • Reason for Higher Physical Balance in the Inventory
    • Rectification of Shortage/Excess
  6. Discrepancies and Their Resolution
    • Processing and Distribution of DR
    • Handling of Materials Under Discrepancy
  7. Control of Tools, Surplus, and Scrap Materials
    • Control Tools
    • Scrap Materials
  8. Storage and Handling Practices of Materials
    • Storage of Motors and Castables
    • Storage of Industrial Gases
  9. Computerization of Warehouse Activities
    • Creating a Database for Transactional Tasks
    • Leading Store-keeping and Inventory Control Packages
  10. Performance Evaluation of Stores Activities
    • Criticism of Stores Division
    • Lessons to be Drawn from Performance Evaluation
  11. ISO Standards and Warehouse Activities
    • Warehouse Activities and Quality Assurance
    • Stores Division Activities in Conformance to ISO 9001
  12. Warehouse Location, Layout, and Facilities Planning
    • Location of Stores
    • Physical Facilities Planning
  13. Warehouse Security, Safety, and Maintenance
    • Security
    • Safe Working Area

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