KAIZEN - Lean Manufacturing

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Kaizen is a Japanese term that translates to “change for the better” and is sometimes paraphrased as continuous improvement.

As an event, a Kaizen represents a focused effort by a team to make quick but meaningful improvements to a defined area of a business process. Here at WD-C we explore and teach you the Japanese art of making good change.

Course Contents:
Module 1: Introduction
• What is Kaizen , History of Kaizen & The Founders of Kaizen
• Intro On the Foundations of Lean
• Purpose & Benefits Of Kaizen
• Goals Of Kaizen

Module 2: Kaizen Elements 
• MUDA Analysis & Elimination ( types of Waste )
• Overview on 5-S Methodology , (TQM) Total Quality Management , VSM ( Value Stream Mapping) 
• Process Oriented Thinking
• TEI ( Total Employee Involvement ) 
o Assignment : Identify Loss Case Study in your job 

Module 3: Models of Kaizen
• JIT, DtD Vs DtO,DtF
• PDCA Cycle
• Toyota Production System overview ( Focus on Kaizen )

Module 4: How to Move your Organization to Kaizen Methodology
• Identify You Current State ( Case Study )
• Business Process Transformation
• Roles and Responsibilities
• Employee Engagement & Communicating the changes. 
• Training your Organization and Setting Targets
• Data Gathering Tools
• Data Sharing Tools 

KAIZEN is an 15 hour course. Once registered you will be assigned to an instructor for 1 week. 

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