Inventory Control

Inventory Control

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Course Objective:

Purchase, plan, manage, and control inventories and materials.

Learn how to:

  • Purchase, plan, manage, and control inventories and materials
  • Evaluate inventory methods, make improvements to your current system, determine optimum inventory levels, design and implement a cycle-counting program, and analyze replenishment policies.
  • Reduce excess inventories and invest in the right inventories for better customer service, better investment turnover and greater profits.
  • Calculate optimal order quantities for such special cases as quantity discounts and price increases
  • Locate your minimum-total-cost point, control inventory loss, and determine ideal safety stock levels.
  • Answer the question: What is the real cost of being out-of-stock?

Inventory Control is an 15 hour course.  Once registered you will be assigned to an instructor for 2 weeks. 

Register and pay so your welcome letter can be emailed to you to within a day or two and you can begin right away!

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