Entrepreneurial Supply Chain Architect 

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Diploma Overview:
* ESCA™ Certificate in Supply Chain is designed to convert attendees interested in a Supply Chain Career, to International Class Entrepreneurs. Closer to the practical understanding of 2012 Supply Chain Flow in both Global and Middle East market. 

* ESCA™ Instructors are Both Academic and Field Professionals. Certified Supply Chain Management Professionals from APICS, University of Huddersfield, Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport , Council Of Supply Chain Management Professionals & ESC Master Level Degree. 

* ESCA™ content is designed to develop your practical understanding for Managing Supply Chain & the Different aspects of logistics , procurement, warehousing and inventory control or production planning. 

* ESCA™ equips attendees with knowledge of the core principles and processes in both Logistics and Supply Chain.

* ESCA™ diploma provides theoretical presentations , workshops and practical exercise to make you ready for the real market.

120 HRs – presented in 16 Lecture ( Each Friday & Saturday )
Start : Friday 19th of October 2012 ( National Vacation will be taken in Consideration )

ESCA™ Courses core:
Unit 1: Entrepreneurial Supply Chain :
--> designed to develop basic understanding of 2012 Supply Chain Operations. And the titles and requirements for >90 SC jobs in the market

• 2012 Supply Chain 
o Difference Vs Old Understandings
o Supply Chain History
• Lean Management & SC Tools
o Hi Level Loss Analysis
o Value Stream Maps
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
• Components of Planning ( MRP & MRPII )
• S&OP Cycle in the Supply Chain
o Forecasting 
o Demand Management 
• 2 Workshops =>"Le Café ™" Simulation Game

Unit 2: Entrepreneurial Management for your SC :
--> This unit is about understanding the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved within any Supply Chain.

• Shewhart Cycle Deployment
• Supplier Stratification
• SRM ( Supplier Relation Management)
• Contracting & Negotiation
• Supplier KPI and Score Carding
• Material Management: Essential Logistics 
• SC Logistics Management & Operations
• Transportation Modeling
• 1 Workshop =>"Le Café ™" Simulation Game

Unit 3: Supply Chain Management:
--> This unit is about the challenges of managing a supply chain. It identify risk encountered within supply chain and the crisis within a supply chain.

• Supply Chain Risk Management
• Crisis Management 
• Final Workshop 

“Le Café ™" Simulation Workshop:
Start Your own business, Manage it , work different roles at it… it never easy to make a cup of coffee.. 

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