Maritime Transport

Maritime Transport

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This course introduces the business of maritime transportation focusing on the commercial aspects of shipping.  The Maritime Transportation System (MTS) is treated as an end-to-end process, starting from the source of cargo to the end destination, but the primary discussions are focused on the business of the commercial maritime fleet. Topics covered include the theory of shipping management, global and national regulatory frameworks, types of shipping activity, vessel and marine terminal management, theory of freight rates and application of new technologies on an intermodal basis.  Several types of ships, shipping services and types of cargos are described including tramp shipping, chartering, passenger operations, industrial carriers and tankers.  The course highlights current industry issues and practices and forecasts future trends.  These issues include the consideration of business, societal, environmental, and governmental aspects.

Course Content


                           1   Course Introduction                                                

   2   Maritime System Components                                                          

                           3  Maritime System Security                                                                  

                           4  Tramps                                                                                             

                           5  Chartering                                                                                          

   6   Liner Shipping & Conference System                                              

                           7 Industrial Sectors                                                                             

                           8  Vessel Security                                                                                

   9  Management Companies                                                                     

                          10 Terminal Operations & Labor                                                           

  11  Port Security and Resiliency                                                              

                          12 Containerization                                                                               

                          13 Intermodalism                                                                                    

                          14   Bill of Lading                                                                                    

                          15 New Technologies  

Maritime Transportation is a 20 hour course. Once registered you will be assigned to an instructor for 2 weeks. 

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