Career Coaching Unit

If this is the first time you come across the term of Career Coaching, then you are the reason why we exist. WD-C is highly proud to be the first certified professional provider of the Career Coaching service in the Middle East region. We aim to bring such an important study to raise the potentials of the Arab world.

If you have a serious career decision to make, and you are exploring your options  then our Career Coaching team is ready to help you make the right decision and to fulfill your career goal, WD-C Career Coaching Unit will take care of you while making one of the most Critical Decisions in life. 

Our personal career management teams are the best in their fields. They are a leading provider of outplacement services and career management programmes for individual and corporate clients.

 We specialize in career coaching and work with clients from a wide range of professional and management backgrounds.

·         Looking to move quickly into a new role 

·         Seeking a promotion or career development 

·         At a career crossroads or considering a career change

·         College graduates who are new to the market.


WD-C: Career Coaching Unit Sectors:

1Individuals Career Management

 Our career management services for individuals include:

·         Outplacement support for individuals facing redundancy

·         Career coaching services 

·         Job search support

·         In-the-job coaching

2. Cooperate Career Coaching

 We provide outplacement and career coaching for companies. Our services include:

·         Outplacement support including individual career coaching or group job search workshops

·         On-site career clinics for staff being made redundant

·         Career management workshops as part of a talent management strategy

·         Career coaching for staff facing specific career challenges-